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Tantric rituals

Tantric rituals

The quest for tantric rituals suitable for the West is a concern for tantric masters. Tantric rituals that suits our way of life and respects our convictions. To begin with, we should be clear that tantra is not a religion, it is a cult. It is a repetition of acts destined to free us from the routine. Acts that allow us to access supreme realities hidden in ourselves. You can try it with erotic massages Barcelona.

In the first place we must specify the objectives of the cult. The fundamental is the body, where subject and object of Tantric worship. It is the privileged place of space where cosmic forces operate. An unknown universe.

The ritual will make us aware of these forces, andfter this we must release that energy through yoga practices like pranayama or maithuna. Meditation must make us feel life in our body, until this vitality surpasses our individuality.

We can not give a very exhaustive description of tantric erotic rituals but this can serve as an approximation.

Prepare the ritual

We must prepare a small altar to place small symbolic objects. There we will put an object that symbolizes the lingham. It can be a jar or a simple stone erected. It is also important to put some flowers, expression of creative dynamism, and, of course, also a candle. The couple gets down on their knees in front of the altar. They may have small physical contacts between them. But the important thing is to observe the symbolic character of the elements of the altar, and feel its meaning. After reaching the calm the couple sits face to face and look into each other’s eyes. Little by little they will feel the desire that is invading their bodies. She will distribute food and eat in silence.

The most important moment is when she gives him wine. Both will drink wine and enter into a state of deep meditation. They begin to touch each other, feeling both bodies as one. She undresses as a symbol of the goddess Shakti. The rest is a matter of the couple, but it is important to remember that they should not be routine. One has to be carried away by desire and imagination. The sexual union will be a party where all the cells of both bodies participate.

We hope you have served this brief initiation to tantric erotic rituals. And we encourage you to visit us in our halls of Madrid and Barcelona. Here you can learn more about tantric erotic rituals. Would you like to find more with erotic massages Barcelona?

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