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Tantric couples

The highest expression of love between the sexes is like a supernova. Reciprocal pleasure becomes a generator that feeds passion. This passion turns you into the fuel of love. The engine that runs on the strength of a solar furnace, burns with the eternal power of the combination of Yin and Yang. True love is like a spiritual gale that sweeps away any obstacle in its path, like a storm. The spiritual union of male and female potentiates each other, perpetuates itself as a feast of our psyche. This is the beginning of the concept of tantric couples. The union and the beginning of the erotic massages.

One powerful reason why relationships today do not last if they are enhanced is because they forget the true nature of the unity of ecstasy between the two. They forget the path of nature. They often forget that the mutual will for spiritual growth is the ecstasy of the sublime. All this we must feed him with passion. Sometimes erotic massages serve to break the monotony of orthodox sex.



One and other

Man and woman are represented in the cosmic sense as the opposite poles of the same magnet. They are the ancient passage of the galactic spirals in their movement through the heavens. The subtle swirl of the electron and the proton. They are the stream of creative forces. One in the other. A reflection of all the passions of creation in nature.

No sex is above the other, although one always tends to stand out over the other. But the natural harmony is in the balance of both. The battle of the sexes is a symptom of collective madness. We are much more than a social label or a pathetic role play. The battle is fictional because it derives from culture and behavior. We must unlearn these roles without a doubt. Our own limited images of what is man and woman make us unfair to each other. This only engenders a battle of collective unconsciousness.

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