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Tantra massages in Madrid

Tantra massages in Madrid

The term massage should be in quotes, since it is not really a massage but an erogenous stimulation. Stimulation is applied on areas that provide more pleasure to the recipient. This should inform about which with its more sensitive areas. Those with whom they experience more pleasure, to culminate the greatest pleasure possible with tantra massages in Madrid.

This Stimulation can be used in pairs. But it has a much greater effect if applied to someone with whom no previous relationship has been made. In this case it can have powerful effects of release and sensory gratification. Many professionals attribute psychotherapeutic characteristics to them. Here we will not disguise the connotation of therapy, because it is not the goal.



Technique is very simple. The atmosphere should be in the dark, with dim light, if possible of fire, like candles.

Masseur’s hands should be perfumed, and if possible with a moisturizer. Touch is made with the whole hand, not as if there was fear of touching. Hands of the applicator should not be cold or perspired.

Eyes of the applicator should be open, and the two practitioners completely naked, which contributes to increased self-esteem. Stimulation begins on any part of the body with a slight, sliding touch. The whole body should be touched, but putting more interest in the areas that have asked us. And also those that society considers taboo. It is about promoting emancipation and self-knowledge.

Little by little we have to go probing the most sensitive regions, and if we notice positive reaction, go to make the touch more intense and concentrated. In order to achieve the greatest effect of the stimulation, two care must be taken:

– Avoid orgasm to store energy.

– That the exercise does not derive in sexual relation.

The stimulation can be applied to the limit of the orgasm, but without it hatching. The effects of this exercise can become more intense if two people perform the massages. Welcome to the world of tantra massages in Madrid!

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