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Tantra massages Barcelona

Tantra massages Barcelona

The Tantric concept of sexual love means that sex should not aspire to a sated appetite. Tantra massages Barcelona seek to awaken a pure and authentic feeling of deep love. The objective is to prolong the ecstasy of those who practice it, and to enhance their dormant energies. Tantra massages Barcelona are something like a divine act. It seeks to awaken creative intelligence. They are experiences that illuminate enthusiasm, vitality, understanding and positive feelings.

In particular, tantra massages Barcelona carry different and diverse benefits. They also serve to develop self-knowledge and advance in self-improvement that surpasses duality. It is an act of fusion with oneself, with others, with the universe that surrounds it, and to harness its energy. At the same time, it is an act that achieves fusion between intelligence and intuition. And let’s not forget that it serves to overcome conflicts and adverse moods.

tantra massages Barcelona

Tantra helps us to live in harmony and fullness, it loads us with vitality and fosters our consciousness. It is able to connect us with our own dreams, so that we develop intuition and clairvoyance.

By channeling the sexual energy into our mind, we enhance our brain activity.

Within the framework of the couple, it establishes a mystical connection with the other. Communication and sexual communion establishes strong bonds, with complicity and sincere love. The ability to satisfy each other balances their small, unmarried world. An unbreakable bond chosen and free. True.

New forms of sexuality

Knowing to penetrate the secrets of tantra is a step that changes the person, which makes it better. No dogmas, no narrow eyes, no obligations, no creeds. Because it is about seeing and knowing oneself, without ties. There is no divinity except in the union of the universe, in knowing the matter and the spirituality that surrounds us. Tantric love makes us see and feel a reality hitherto unknown. That truth tells us that we are united with the universe.

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