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Tantra erotic massages Barcelona.

Tantra says that you accept whatever you are. The Supreme does not oppose it. It is a growth. You can grow and be the Supreme. There is no opposition between you and reality, you are part of it. That is why fighting and conflict are not necessary, nor are they opposed to nature. You must take advantage of it, use whatever you want to go further. Tantra says accept yourself as you are. It is a deep acceptance. You do not create distance between the real and you, between the world and nirvana. When I designed the tantra erotic massages Barcelona was very clear that this undeniable truth was going to be the basis of the technique.

For tantra there is no separation, it is not necessary to die to be reborn, but you must transcend, and for this you have a great energy at your disposal. For example, the sexual energy, which is within you, that empowers you, gives you strength. That guides you and that defines you. It is the creative energy, the basic energy through which you are born, with which you have come into the world. The cells of your being and your body are sexual. That is why the human mind revolves around sex.

tantra erotic massages Barcelona

Wisdom and energy

Tantra teaches us that the sexual energy is within us for us to use. We must not fight against it but transform it. It is our energy, it is not evil or harmful. All energy is neutral, it can be used against us or in our favor. If done correctly it becomes friendly. Tantra teaches us to be aware of desire and not to generate conflict with it. You are part of it, and at the same time you are not. We pass through it, but remain as strange beings. That is why Tantra guides us to accept it and to focus it to achieve the fullness of our being. We embrace energy and energy returns it. It is freedom in harmony with the consciousness of the spirit.

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