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Tantra erotic Barcelona

Tantra erotic Barcelona

Sex in humans consists of two stages. The first of these begins in the brain, in the pituitary and pineal glands, and ends in the sexual glands. In the second phase the energy is returned to the dominant glands of the brain. A healthy life helps a lot in generating sexual energy. However we must know that each man and each woman are unique, and each of them generates their own sexual energy. Our daily activities determine our way of channeling and managing that sexual energy. Tantra erotic Barcelona belongs to our ancient knowledge.


The ancient sexual exercises were aimed at restoring harmony and essential biochemical components. These are located in the sexual glands of the pituitary and hypothalamic region. Sexual exercises were meant to keep the glandular and nerve areas stimulated. We must keep this in mind, in order to understand tantra erotic Barcelona.

Sexual stimulation gives off hormonal factors that have a positive effect. By recycling sexual energy the body balances and harmonizes, and becomes more active. This process is due to a mental attitude based on awareness and sensitivity. Experience tells us that the way we have orgasms determines aspects such as fatigue, irritability or inspiration to perform some tasks.

Positive attitude

A positive attitude towards sex makes the inner energy grow. It intensifies pleasure and gives a sense of unity to relationships. When sharing a genital orgasm the sensations reach maximum levels.

Tantric practices return the energy that is vital to our unity. Let’s not forget that it is about awakening the kundalini energy, which is a form of energy that is found giving order to the universe. And let us also remember that intercourse is not necessary to awaken this engeria. The erotic massages Barcelona give us a good key to awaken it. It is not only a question of initiating ourselves in the world of tantra, but of becoming involved in all its wisdom.

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