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Tantra, body and spirit

Tantra represents the effort to reach the mystical link between the finite and the infinite, between the individual and the cosmos. While for all that which is spiritual excludes everything that is mundane, in tantra both elements are harmonized. Spiritual enlightenment and individual fulfillment are complementary experiences. Every aspect of life is an integral part of tantra, whether it be food and health, or philosophy and meditation. By channeling them with proper awareness everything enters into the flow that leads to human perfection. The erotic massages Barcelona enter this channel of harmony of the physical and the spiritual. In tantra, body and spirit live together, and can not be detached.


Although some aspects of tantra would have to emerge naturally and spontaneously, techniques are necessary. They are ancestral knowledge that we have assimilated in erotic massages Barcelona. Their depth can not be achieved in a single erotic massage, but they initiate us in knowledge and energies that lie dormant in our being. We all have this energy. We just need to learn to wake her up.



Body and soul

Literally, tantra means “that which liberates from darkness”. Their spiritual practices are aimed at stripping us of self-centeredness. He wants to eliminate the constraints that limit the human mind.

What makes Tantra so attractive is its profoundly positive outlook on the universe and its acceptance of the world. The reality that surrounds us is an expression of the infinite and essential Consciousness.

All existence arises from the same infinite consciousness. In principle of tantra is that if we penetrate in this consciousness can be experienced the unity of all things. With this we managed to transcend sensory perception with the divisional perspective of the relative world. The ultimate goal of tantra is the union with absolute Consciousness. With that we achieve a state beyond the ego that inhibits us and fragments reality.

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