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One of the most efficient psychological devices of Tantra is the practice of transgression. As life is naturally surrounded by restrictions that set more and more limits, allowing ourselves a transgression has a powerful effect of catharsis. This is often used by some types of psychotherapy. Tantra and transgression go hand in hand. Let us learn to live with freedom and freshness our freedom and our body through erotic massages.

By living in society, it is impossible to suppress any law, rule or regulation. But an accumulation of compulsive restrictions ends up generating unwanted effects. Therefore certain transgressions have therapeutic effects. Or to avoid certain emotional problems.

If we compress our energy it can become dangerous and it tends to explode. It’s like gunpowder. If we light it on a stone it will make a noise and it will not hurt anyone. But if we place the center of a metal capsule and obstruct the exit of the gases will detonate, and could be harmful.

tantra and transgression

Channeling energies.

When the repression exceeds the limit of resistance of a person it explodes in the same way as does the encapsulated gunpowder. This explosion can occur in the body and somatizar a physical illness. Or it may explode in the realm of the psychic, and develop antisocial behaviors. Thus arise common criminals, and sometimes even psychopaths.

We do not pretend to defend that the therapy of transgression can avoid all cases of criminality. But it is certain that it could eliminate a significant number of cases. To encourage a healthy transgression is to learn to live in freedom, and to know oneself. Within the transgression we choose, we rely on our true personality. It is letting go of our way of expressing ourselves. It is not about violating laws or falling into antisocial behavior, but about fighting some taboos imposed by society. Tantra, whether maithuna or an erotic massage, offers us a healthy and constructive form of transgression, where we can channel our sexual energy to become better people. Tantra and transgression give us the key to power asleep in us.

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