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Tantra and Pranayama


To reach the highest degree of elevation in tantra we need to practice breath control. In the tantra massages Barcelona we encourage you to work them. The control of the breath is fundamental for the work of Kundalini. It begins with the control and prolongation of the two respiratory phases. Also the retention time of the filled and the vacuum is important. Instead of long and ineffective conversations about the different techniques, we believe it is more necessary to practice daily. Who controls the Pranayama controls the body and mind. If we can unite Tantra and Pranayama we will more easily awaken the Kundalini.

Prana is subtle and circulates through the organs, skin, nervous system. Without him life is not possible. The fundamental source of Prana is the atmosphere and comes, above all, from the Sun. The best time to start pranayama is in spring, or in winter. We can do this is at dawn – before sunrise – at noon and two hours after sunset.

Sexual energy helps increase retentions and awaken the inner light of the heart. In the inspiration air is taken with prana. The air goes to the blood and prana becomes vital energy. In complete retention, oxygen reaches the body’s cells and prana balances the nervous system. In the expulsion we get rid of impurities and injuries through the air that we breathe out. Reaching the vacuum again achieves a nervous calm.

Tantra and Pranayama


The air must follow each of these phases from reaching the lungs to total expulsion:

– Be air and like it. Feel the light of prana as energy slides toward the tip of the sternum and solar plexus.

-To feel the difference between the incoming air and the air coming out.

Practicing our pranayamas will directly affect kundalini and the effectiveness of tantric techniques. Tantra massages Barcelona feed on their wisdom. As we know, Tantra and Pranayama are closely linked.

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