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Tantra massages Barcelona

tantra massages Barcelona

Orgasm has been a problem for man, since he needs to have a sense of control. You need to focus too much on your ego to reach it. He worries about his performance and generates a lot of tension about himself. Sometimes he suffers from impotence. It is only capable of generating an orgasm, which can be intense but not always, located on the genitals and lasts only an instant. Is a situation that leaves you empty, without strength, and predisposed to sleep. sensory tantra massages Barcelona precisely serve to reorient orgasm beyond the genitals. Based on the ancient techniques of sacred tantra, sensory tantra massages Barcelona helps us to find a new dimension of pleasure.


Tantric techniques were initially developed to satisfy men. Man has to learn to transcend his genitality. Women, however, have advantages over men. She is tantric by nature. Your orgasm occurs in an area of the brain that controls movement and touch. Their orgasms are deeper and longer, and can be repeated over and over again. It does not have the attention so centered in the sex and can open itself to other states of consciousness.

Sensory tantra massages Barcelona

Tantric woman

Man has always feared women because of their sexual superiority, that is why many cultures keep it subdued. Tantra, however, suggests to the man that he learns from the woman, that he has the opportunity to experience his potential. With the sensory tantra massages Barcelona, man learns to savor the sexual energy in its fullness, to delay its relief. And, above all, to achieve higher states of energy. We must remember that tantric sex is governed by models very different from the sex we know. Learning to handle kundalini energy will endow with an intensity and strength that are dormant in all of us.

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