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Sacred Tantra massages and Shiva.

Sacred Tantra massages and Shiva.

Among all types of Shiva dance the best known in South India is the Nadanta. In Tamil Nadu their worship is always alive. While for an Indian the symbol is clear, we need complementary explanations. Remember that the sacred Tantric union is the union between Shiva and Shakti, the sacred tantra massages.

The drum he carries in his right hand confirms his prearranged origin. The Dravidians are excellent drum players.

With his right hand raised in Abhya Mudra he tells us: “I protect”.

The fire that transforms and destroys, arises from the hand that touches the inflamed ring. Shiva creates, protects and destroys. It is a provocation to the Brahmins.



Let´s look the hand: hand pointing to the raised foot frees one who enters the myth, and reveals the essence of the cosmos.

It’s curious that the left foot crushes an evil dwarf, who is the demon Muyalaka.

His hair has several symbols. The braided hair turns with the impetuosity of the dance. This keeps the universe moving.

The snake grabs the hair without damaging it. The skull is that of Brahma. Its head is crowned by the garland of Cassia, a sacred plant. In the left ear is a woman’s earring, and on the right one is a man’s ear. Symbol of union of the two sexes.

His jewels accentuate his divinity. He wears rich necklaces around his neck. His belt is covered with precious stones. Her wrists are adorned with bracelets, and she has rings on her hands and feet. And as a dress he wears a tuxedo and a scarf.

Despite the impetuosity of the dance the face of Shiva remains serene. On the forehead opens his third eye, that of intuition, which crosses the appearances and transcends the sensory.

Who knows how to see and perceive the Shiva Dance is a captivating and disturbing summary.

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