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Sacred sexual rite

Sacred sexual rite: the asanas

All sexual union, even between animals and plants, is sacred, since it reproduces the ultimate creative act. It symbolizes the union of sacred cosmic principles Shakti-Shiva, which is the manifestation of the universe. For tantra all sexual contact, however trivial, is sacred and cosmic. It does not matter that the couple ignores it, as it almost always happens. However, we must always distinguish between profane sex and tantric union. In order to get it we can uso a sacred sexual rite, which we call asanas.

Tantra pretends to divinize the couple and their sexuality, but it is not eroticism. We are not talking about books like the Kama Sutra, whose legitimate aim is to increase sexual desire. In tantra we do not practice postures to awaken or enhance the libido, but we practice Asanas.

Asanas are also postures but oriented to meditation between two people, and are specific to the tantric rite. Actually they are few in number, and have been chosen comfortable to be able to prolong the sexual union. They can be carried out up to two hours without having to change asana, because it is not advisable to disturb the interiorization. Its comfort allows a physical and mental relaxation that leads to higher states of consciousness. Even to sleep, which is very positive, although it seems the opposite.

sacred sexual rite


The Asana should allow magnetic exchange and facilitate control of ejaculation. For that reason some are not sexually exciting.

That is why Tantrism rejects the position most used in the West, that is, the position of the missionary. The reason is that this posture does not facilitate the control of ejaculation. This posture, by conditioned reflex, is very associated with coitus. That is why asanas seek to change the rules of the game, which will allow us to have a much greater control of ejaculation and the pace of sexual union.

Little by little we will teach different positions that will help you to break these bad practices. It is about overcoming profane union and turning our sex into something sacred and cosmic.

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