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Massages for couples

Massages for couples tantrism

For massages for couples to reach spirituality we must start with something very important. We refer to that undeniable truth that every woman is a goddess. The goddess, the Absolute Woman, the Cosmic Mother. For Tantrism it is necessary to perceive the divine dimension of the woman. It is a necessary preamble of the sacred rite of the Maithuna. Lovers, for each other, embody beauty and perfection. They move in a wonderful universe where everything is charming.

For the Tantric woman, the man she loves is the incarnation of Shiva. For the Tantric man, his beloved wife is Shakti’s incarnation. Massages for couples focused on the tantric are destined to the union of Shakti and Shiva. We confuse the superficial with the deep, hidden behind appearances. The physical body masks the true body. The myth of Shakti and Shiva includes the set of cosmic virtues engraved on every living being. That is why Tantric man adores Shakti in every woman.



Then we come to the concept of Kundalini, which is the evolutionary dynamism that differentiates man from the hominids, and which will in the future differentiate him from the rest of men. A superman who transcends physical reality. In Tantrism the Kundalini is located in the genital organs, and is linked to our evolutionary dynamism. And, of course, our sexuality. Very often this energy remains dormant. Massage for couples inspired by Tantrism offers an opportunity to awaken this energy. At this point, we must re-consider the divinity of women as the creative element of this new perception.

Through massage for couples, a tantric teacher can wake us from sleep and make us reach that new state of cosmic perception. We must perceive the tantric masters as goddesses that awaken us from the dream of reality that limits us.

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