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Lingham is the most common symbol in India, where it is accepted by both Hindus and Tantra. It is common in almost all Hindu temples, and can be seen and touched by anyone, regardless of religion, sect or caste. In the tantric rites has a fundamental role.

We can feel it as a symbol that reveals different aspects depending on the person and the circumstances, with an extraordinary symbolic value. Because it is universal it is acceptable to all, whether believers or atheists.

For Tantrism, the lingham is the set formed by the male organ set in the female sex. That is, it is not just the phallus.

Ancient cult

In India, the origin of the Lingham cult goes back to prehistory, related to ancient sexual fertility rites and the cult of the Great Goddess. Men and women sexually joined near camps. Copulation was considered beneficial to increase the fecundity of the earth. Then stones were raised to invoke the creative forces. A cult before the invasion of the Aryans, and in fact, the Aryans rejected it.


His worship was eliminated from the Vedic rites. Over time the Aryans, feeling their power secure, allowed the servants and the lower classes to continue their ancient rites. Little by little the Aryans were assimilating these ancestral rites. The result of this osmosis was Hinduism. The Aryans saw in the lingham a phallus. They were patriarchal and accepted it for this reason.

And so the lingham, a symbol in principle despised, became the most widespread symbol of India. Although it may look like a phallic form, it demonstrates the power of the woman. When the phallus becomes erect it is because of female power

Still today the Lingham is revered throughout India, which shows the mystery of life, of creativity and of fertility, which manifests itself on all cosmic levels.

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