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Kundalini in erotic massages Barcelona

Erotic massages Barcelona

Kundalini is the physical energy, neurological origin sexual embodiment. It is a feminine concept. It should always be accentuated and the final i is long. Kundalini means “serpentine,” and refers to serpent-shaped energy; in fact, its appearance is that of an igneous energy coiled three and a half times within the muladhara chakra. L center of force located near the base of the spine and ls genital organs. While it is asleep it is as if it were a frozen flame. It is so powerful that Hinduism considers it a goddess, in addition to the divine mother and universal shakti. In fact, everything depends on it with regard to its degree of activity. Do you want to miss the wisdom of kundalini in erotic massages Barcelona?

Man’s tendency to verticality, body health, paranormal powers, interior illumination that robs him of his human mammalian condition and catapults him in a single life to the goal of evolution, and without waiting for the fatalism of Other possible stocks. According to Shivananda: “no samadhí is possible without kundalini.” That is the same as declaring that the yoga instructors who are against the kundalini do not know what they say. They do not know that it is true yoga, and neither he nor his disciples will reach the goal of yoga.


Sexual energy

Kundalini energy responds easily to stimuli. Awakening is easy. Proper breathing technique is enough to inflame your power. A correctly vocalized bija mantra is able to move it. An asana working the base of the spine positions it for ascent through the marrow. A practice of maithuna can deflagrate it. Just combine the techniques and practice them regularly. The Barcelona erotic massages are designed by the sexologist and anthropologist Leyre Khyal, who has studied the secrets of tantra and yoga. Thanks to the ancient wisdom of tantra, it is possible to desert the kundalini energy that sleeps inside us all. A practice that not only leads to the enhancement of sexual pleasure, but also transcends it. A new dimension of the force that sleeps inside us.

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