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Kundalini and erotic massages Barcelona

Tantra is a form of Kundalini yoga. It is the sexual energy that starts from the base of the spine and rises towards the upper chakras. Accomplishing it manifests itself as the creative force of an internal force. It is revealed as the highest love, with symbolic understanding, clarity and spiritual ecstasy. Spiritually focused sex can be performed automatically. It only differs in that the energy of two people rises at the same time towards the higher chakras. An understanding that brings us to the kundalini and erotic massages Barcelona.

Anyone who has practiced sex can approach tantra, that is to say, mutual ascent. Anyone who has experienced pleasure can transform this pleasure and elevate it to a new dimension. It is about attaining the wisdom of spiritual revelation. All he needs is to feel respect and admiration for his polar opposite for the cosmic nobility that exists in the opposite sex.

Kundalini and erotic massages Barcelona

Pleasure and spirituality

The Kundalini emphasizes that the first chakra, ie, the sexual energy, is at the base of the spine. It is also the basis of all other energy centers. Sexual energy is the basis for the energy of love, communication, mental vigor and spiritual stability. Sex creates what we call pleasure. But pleasure is in fact the energy of the first chakra resonating at higher frequencies of vibration. Having pleasure is a way to raise the vibration of body, mind and spirit. To have sex is to share pleasure as a mutual alignment, or resonance of the first chakras. It is also an opportunity to share energy and awaken together to a spiritual revelation.

A tantric relationship with the partner involves engaging at all levels. Sexually, lovingly, mentally and spiritually. Approaching the Kundalini and the erotic massages Barcelona brings us closer to our spirituality in sex.

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