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Exercises tantra Madrid

It is about performing some simple exercises that will enhance our sexuality. Practicing them often will give us in a short time a sensation of greater vigor and sexual appetite. Let’s look at these exercises tantra Madrid.

The most useful practice for intensifying intercourse is called Mula Bandha. It serves both sexes and helps maintain a vigorous sexuality until the age comes. It involves a firm and strong contraction of the sphincters of the anus and the urethra. We have to hold that contraction for a few seconds, and then relax. We must repeat this practice several times. And best of all, we can do this in any situation and place.

We know that there are people who do this exercise for hours, while working or studying. The result is truly exciting, although we must dose it according to what suits us.

exercises tantra Madrid

Enjoy this exercises

A very stimulating technique for the male sex organs is the bath immersion of the testicles in cold water before bed. The warm, almost warm rain on the glans has a very stimulating effect on the vascularization of that area. For women hygiene with strong shower and warm water has a similar effect. For many women, the habit of letting yoni breathe gives very good results. It is a question of avoiding the use of panties whenever possible.

For both ssexos an element of stimulation is the practice of genital caresses. We can apply them to our partner almost anywhere and time, albeit discreetly. The surprise factor of an unexpected, brief but frequent caress feeds the libido. The conditioned reaction is very stimulating and gives a very high sense of complicity and sensuality.

This exercises tantra Madrid are small and simple tricks that will stimulate our sexuality. As you have seen, they do not require any special technique or complexity that prevents us from performing them on a daily basis.

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