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Erotic tantra

The best known aspect of the erotic tantra is the sexual focus, but you can not understand that sexuality is used to find all the energy it has. A healthy and natural sexuality is vitalizing. It brings benefits in health, self-esteem and emotions. There are many blocks and walls that prevent us from fully enjoying this sacred potential.

erotic tantra

Fears and complexes limit us and do not allow us to enjoy other aspects of existence. We must eliminate fears and complexes, and be fully open to this experience. If we want to work the sexual energy we have to know how to handle energy in general. The emotional and the sexual must be intimately united. Erotic tantra guides us and helps to free itself from all that limits and conditions us.

Learning to live life with open heart and spirit has repercussions on how to live sexuality. To attain sexual fullness means to fill oneself with the joyful light of love, which illuminates everything.

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If we live in fear complexes or open wounds we can not open our heart. The practice of erotic tantra gives us strength and security, and makes relationships healthier and more fruitful. It is a magical path that connects you with your body and emotions, and so your encounter with your partner is deeper, more joyful and authentic.

The emotion we need to make the most sexuality we need is to make all the important things in life more fulfilled. Practicing with emotion and heart everything we do will allow us to do it also with our sexuality. The objective and scientific method of tantra is based on an energetic reality. Who has energy and knows how to use it has a greater chance of success in achieving its goals. It is about returning to the origins, to the simple and natural truth before our mind began to manipulate us.

There are no dogmas, no unnatural practices, no gurus or prophets. There is nothing more than the wisdom of Nature. Only before her should we respond. Our body is forged with the blood of the earth and the light of the universe. The wiser life program tells us that every living being has the goal of enjoying more and suffering less. And to achieve this we must learn to channel this energy. And we do it through tantric rites.

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