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erotic massages in tantra

A fundamental element of tantra is the privileged position of women. We can verify in paintings or tantric sculptures that the woman usually portrays above the man. In sexual intercourse, the dominating woman’s position is the most common, that is, in tantra the woman is not possessed, but she owns the male. In the erotic massages in tantra, the woman also admits this superior position.
According to the evolution of our human species we can divide it into three phases, in relation to the position assumed by the woman during intercourse.
Basically there are three:
Primary phase: male covering the female behind, in the same way that the animals do.
Patriarchal phase: Face to face, but the man above. This is a middle state in evolution.
Tantric phase: face to face, woman above. It is the phase of full evolution.

Apart from having a more liberated and pleasant relationship, the position of the woman above has the advantage of breaking the conditioning of the male that covers to fertilize. Deprived of the dominant position, the unconscious of the male understands that his objective there is not to ejaculate. This helps a lot to contain the orgasm. This prolongs the contact and helps us reach what we know by hyperorgasm.


Improve sexual relations

We must always keep in mind that all postures give us pleasure, and we should not exclude them completely from any of them. Each couple understands their sexuality as something free between two. But here we refer to the state of tantric relationships that will illuminate us in our sexual relations. In the awakening of the kundalini we must keep in mind all these aspects.

The presence of sex in our lives is full of conditioning and barriers, which tantra helps to overcome and evolve. Let us not forget that sexual intercourse in tantra is something that goes beyond sex. It is the overcoming of sex as a mere physical and biological action. It is the awakening of forces unknown to us, that sleep in each and every one of us.

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