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Erotics Massage in Barcelona

Erotic massage in Barcelona

Erotic Massage in Barcelona ; Cities are anthills, with office buildings, asphalt streets, motor vehicles, fast pace and anonymous lives. How does this affect sex? The peasant lives in a relatively natural environment. However, in the city we live in artificial environments. Sex is lived as a show, as we can see in the movies, television or internet. The leisure industry proposes mass evasion. Sex is a way to escape from boredom and everyday work. This causes a hypertrophy of sex. A good way to return to humanizing it is to seek erotic massage in Barcelona.

We should try to find a healthy and natural sex. We must reconnect with our body, with our nature. Healthy sexuality is the alternative to pornographic vulgarity or, in the other hand, puritanism. It should be the norm, but it is not because it lacks education and sexual maturity. Erotic massage in Barcelona offer healthy sex, and a way of understanding the body with respect and veneration.

We must seek spirituality in sex. In this way we can achieve sexual union, and understand that in this way we reach the ecstatic opening. The union of two people allows absolute illumination.

If you practice erotic massage in Barcelona you will find the revelation of tantra. They are erotic and magical rites that allow the expansion of the human being. We will be able to reconstruct what was destroyed by modern life, and we will reach spiritual sexuality. We wil also find spirituality in sex and live our relationships as something mystical. Fullness, enlightenment and liberation. It is our body that gives us the answers, we just have to learn to listen to it.

We practice erotic massages in Barcelona to live our healthy sexuality. Let us flee from mediocre life and the degeneration of sex as something material. We have to unite our body with our mind to reach the state of ecstasy. The path of tantra awaits us. It is not a complicated or painful rite. It’s the opposite. It is a road of truth in which we should only be guided by our sensations and our spirit.

Practicing tantra is simple with erotic massage in Barcelona is within our reach and requires only an open mind to the body. A mind open to new sensations. Let’s live our sexuality with joy and pleasure. Not guilty but also without anxiety. Relax in body and spirit.

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