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The search for new forms of sexual pleasure has been a constant in the development of the human being. From the sixties, with the irruption in the western world of the Eastern culture and philosophy (specifically, of India) arises the interest by the Hindu sexuality. Not only the famous Kamasutra, but also the well-known Tantra or Tantrism. Tantrism seeks the development of physical pleasure focused on growing spirituality. There are numerous variants of tantra from different eastern countries.


From Tantrism there is a vague idea very widespread, which focuses on certain rites and massages. But the truth is that it is something much more extensive. It is a whole philosophy (initiated, according to tradition, by Buddha himself), which needs practices of meditation, yoga… So the erotic massage Barcelona part is only a way to achieve a higher spiritual state.


Today there are numerous centers and studies in Spain about Tantra or Tantrism. From Barcelona to Madrid, or even in smaller towns and villages. This philosophy (which undoubtedly enriches our sexual and spiritual life) has spread throughout the geography, giving us the opportunity to try out some new erotic rites.

The tantric route of the Valley is one of the simplest rituals. It is a union with few movements, and is based on physical and mental relaxation. It opens up an unknown world of sensations and experiences, allows a prolonged fullness, and achieves the total integration of two beings. In body, mind and spirit, and gives us a source of happiness unknown by the common western couples.

The valley way

The valley way is an experience that is not limited to the penis, but expands throughout the body, until invading the being. Woman and man unite in physical, psychic and cosmic form: the incarnation of Shakti. Massages that seek the fullness of union. From the Lingham, the erotic experience extends down the spine, and vibrates every cell of his being.

During orgasm, the man does not perceive that the woman belongs to him. But that he experiences sex as an expression of the cosmic creative power, above the personal.

erotic massage Barcelona


Centers and lounges of tantra are many throughout our geography. However, it is important to know how to choose the right one. To get a rich experience full of sensations is not worth any site. In Madrid, for example, we can find dozens of sites offering tantric erotic massage Barcelona, however only a small part offer the environment and the right professionals to achieve full feeling.

A massage should be performed by teachers who have the knowledge of rites and tantric secrets. We have to find the right environment to reach the Tantric ecstasy, we must find the place that allows us to explore our body in a relaxed and safe, where we feel that our body and our mind can travel in peace.

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