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Erotic massage Barcelona

When we look for revelation in sacred love we are starting in the erotic massage Barcelona. We must be able to live it in full openness of spirit and senses, otherwise we will simply do a conventional sexual act. Conventional sex does not bring us closer to the material and spiritual reality of the world. With the erotic massage Barcelona we find the gateway to new experiences.

First we must be able to establish a smooth communication with our partner. We must forget the passage of time. We must begin our relationship with open eyes and calm eyes. That there is nothing that distracts or disturbs us.

A contemplative relationship, with the two participants in silence. They simply look at each other, and give time to experience. It is a way to delay ejaculation and to focus the desire for something that goes beyond the physical, and that enters the field of the spiritual.


Tantrism and erotic massage Barcelona want to bring their fans to total ecstasy. Tantra excites the genital area in a conscious and controlled way, to activate Kundalini energy, which is a form of energy that gives a lot of power in all aspects of our life. Once the kundalini awakens, it travels through the thought until The brain pole.

In Tantrism he ignores the obsession with orgasm and seeks pleasure in all dimensions. The Tantric person does not deny the universe, but wants to unite with it, and this is achieved by spiritualizing sex. We can start with an erotic Barcelona massage.

It is a state of superior mind that differs from ordinary men and women. It is a mind that goes beyond, that has learned to take and live the full reality.

Experience new sensations, alone or with your partner, in our centers of madrid and barcelona. We will be happy to receive you.

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