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Enhance sexuality

The technique we know as Maithuna has the ability to enhance sexuality and hormone production, and increase libido. Therefore, it places the practitioner, male or female, in a state of biological alertness before sexual stimuli. This can help decisively to overcome states of inappetence. Especially in couples who have lived together for years, whose desire apparently seems already extinct. It also helps those who often use sex as a mere physiological release. Those who fail to extract more pleasure from that function, or at least, prolong the time of the sexual act.

But be cautious. This is not a therapy and does not look for miraculous results for anyone who has a physical problem or emotional idiosyncrasy. So, before making tantra responsible for not having improved their sexual act. It should be borne in mind that just as some women need a previous courting ritual, so do some men. Tantra does not change the personality or the yearnings of each person. First of all we must know our partner very well, know what he wants, what he likes, where he channels his desire.


Hyper orgasm is the highest state of sexual pleasure, at unimaginable levels. It is an altered state of consciousness that is obtained by oriental techniques that come from the tantric tradition. They are techniques that are more than five thousand years old and have been practiced throughout history by select groups of very special people. It is very common for people to believe that they have achieved maximum pleasure in a common orgasm. What they have really experienced is a simple nervous spasm accompanied by a tiny dose of pleasure, in addition to very short duration.

Hyper orgasm implies reaching an indescribably higher level of pleasure than the common, and sustaining that ecstasy for an unlimited time.


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