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Tantra massages Barcelona

tantra massages Barcelona Orgasm has been a problem for man, since he needs to have a sense of control. You need to focus too much on your ego to reach it. He worries about his performance and generates a lot of tension about himself. Sometimes he suffers from impotence. It is only capable of generating…

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Tantra, body and spirit

Tantra represents the effort to reach the mystical link between the finite and the infinite, between the individual and the cosmos. While for all that which is spiritual excludes everything that is mundane, in tantra both elements are harmonized. Spiritual enlightenment and individual fulfillment are complementary experiences. Every aspect of life is an integral part…

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Tantra and Pranayama

Tantra To reach the highest degree of elevation in tantra we need to practice breath control. In the tantra massages Barcelona we encourage you to work them. The control of the breath is fundamental for the work of Kundalini. It begins with the control and prolongation of the two respiratory phases. Also the retention time…

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Kundalini and erotic massages Barcelona

Tantra is a form of Kundalini yoga. It is the sexual energy that starts from the base of the spine and rises towards the upper chakras. Accomplishing it manifests itself as the creative force of an internal force. It is revealed as the highest love, with symbolic understanding, clarity and spiritual ecstasy. Spiritually focused sex…

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Tantric couples

The highest expression of love between the sexes is like a supernova. Reciprocal pleasure becomes a generator that feeds passion. This passion turns you into the fuel of love. The engine that runs on the strength of a solar furnace, burns with the eternal power of the combination of Yin and Yang. True love is…

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Best tantric massages

Enjoying and understanding erotic massages has several levels. The erotic massages introduce us into a very concrete body and spiritual truth. They open us a new dimension of pleasure and sensuality previously unknown, and awaken very powerful forces and energies, such as kundalini. We can enjoy them on a conscious level or on an intuitive…

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erotic massages in tantra

A fundamental element of tantra is the privileged position of women. We can verify in paintings or tantric sculptures that the woman usually portrays above the man. In sexual intercourse, the dominating woman’s position is the most common, that is, in tantra the woman is not possessed, but she owns the male. In the erotic…

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Exercises tantra Madrid

It is about performing some simple exercises that will enhance our sexuality. Practicing them often will give us in a short time a sensation of greater vigor and sexual appetite. Let’s look at these exercises tantra Madrid. The most useful practice for intensifying intercourse is called Mula Bandha. It serves both sexes and helps maintain…

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Tantra massages in Madrid

Tantra massages in Madrid The term massage should be in quotes, since it is not really a massage but an erogenous stimulation. Stimulation is applied on areas that provide more pleasure to the recipient. This should inform about which with its more sensitive areas. Those with whom they experience more pleasure, to culminate the greatest…

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