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Best tantric massages

Enjoying and understanding erotic massages has several levels. The erotic massages introduce us into a very concrete body and spiritual truth. They open us a new dimension of pleasure and sensuality previously unknown, and awaken very powerful forces and energies, such as kundalini. We can enjoy them on a conscious level or on an intuitive level. However, in order to delve into the depths of the best tantric massages, one must adapt to a number of techniques.

Achieving the great tantric initiation involves several stages that we must fulfill and practice.

Introduction: Body warming, deep breaths, vibrations, chaotic movements, do-in, greetings to the sun.

First stage: Kirtan or mantras sung to vibrate certain bodily areas and develop peace and love in Anatha.

Second stage: Kikai meditation. It allows the accumulation of energy in Hara. Then there are several possibilities. Among them, the awareness of the mental movement through the breathing (anapana).

Third stage: asanas or postures. After a dynamic preparation, we have to practice the corresponding series of asanas. We include the variants we need. We have to continually keep our attention on the body, and give much importance to the chest opening.



Keep the way

Fourth stage: Pranayama. First, we must perform the active and energizing breaths. Subsequently the prolonged retention or Kumbhaka is introduced, allowing the control and direction of prana. You can also add some kriyas.

Fifth stage: Mudras, circuits of prana, sensitization of Chakras. Muscle contractions and exercises to prepare the action, and kriyas.

Sixth stage: Visualization, concentration and meditation in the Chakras

Seventh stage: Kriyas of the central channel, especially Kundalini and Brahmari Kriya. Awakening of chakras and a series of variants related to sushumna, Ida and PIngala.

Eighth stage: meditation in the central channel.

Ninth stage: Mudras to awaken the inner senses. In each human being we can distinguish eighteen senses. The five known, their corresponding subtle senses (clairvoyance, internal smell, internal taste, etcetera).

Tenth stage: Nidra-yoga, conscious sleep, relaxation and unfolding.

Eleventh stage: The meditation of the great awakening or cranial meditation. Remove the prana from the whole body to direct it to the sensitization and opening of the higher centers.

Twelfth stage: Maitri, or the meditation of love.

The best tantric massages carry an elevation of our sexuality. We can reach them guided by teachers initiated in their knowledge.

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