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Best erotic massages Barcelona

Best erotic massages Barcelona.

In the West, the question about the Puja Chakra is raised. Where is the love in this? We consider love prior to sexual union. Without love the sexual relationship is considered vulgar, and sometimes even bestial. However the Chakra Puja considers that love is the result of chance. Tantrics reverse this proposition by applying the expression “to make love” literally. Tantric Maithuna generates a subtle love that has nothing to do with romantic love. It is a love born of the adoration of the divine principle embodied in the couple. The love that arises in the best erotic massages Barcelona as a starting point.

They evoke the purest, most unselfish love that exists. In the absence of romantic love, the tantrics who participate in these rituals become incredibly united, and form a collective psychism where all meet. This excludes selfishness or possessiveness, and is an extraordinary and intense experience. It goes without a doubt, ordinary love.

Collective parctice

The collective practice acts powerfully on the participants. Vibrations guide you in the same direction toward the same goal. It is a group participation that suspends identification with the ego. It frees all aspirants from their egocentrism.

The Chakra Puja does not cancel the ego definitively, it only integrates it into the collective mentality. Another aspect of this practice is the bond that arises from common enjoyment. In short, common sexual enjoyment multiplies the enjoyment of individuals.

Another fundamental element is the circle. The circle is a unique geometric figure, for it unites the individuals between them towards the center, where there is a beautiful Shakti. The young woman is the living symbol of the cosmic matrix. She appears lying on her back, legs apart, offering her yoni in plain view. Male adepts kiss their offering with respect.

Let you body awakes, if you will, the best erotic massages Barcelona will introduce you in the secrets of tantra.

Best erotic massages Barcelona

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