Barcelona : +34 93 419 39 42 // Madrid: + 34 91 153 49 22 . Los masajes Tantra no son relaciones sexuales, por favor, no utilicen nuestros teléfonos para incentivar al comercio con sexo explícito.





C/Doctor Fleming 41. Madrid.

Telf: 0034- 91-153-49-22


C/Rocafort,93, Entlo3. Barcelona.

Telf: 0034- 93-419-39-42


At Tantra Secret we offer our special work based on three concepts:



Tantra Secret offers two extraordinary Studios in Madrid and Barcelona, devoted to the wonderful universe of Tantra and specialised in uniting Fantasy, Relax and Ecstasy through the exclusive techniques inspired by ancestral Tantric writings and adapted to the most contemporary Western demands.

Tantra Secret provides Universes of Calm, Pleasure and Freedom that allow you to relive with Enthusiasm and Innocence the most genuine sensations, forgotten through the passage of everyday routine.
Tantra Secret provides a Western-Pragmatic view of Tantra. Our work consists in translating its precepts to Western desire, always becoming aware of the prevailing distance that lies between both worldviews. It is important to bear in mind that Tantra is a way of life and of looking at the world as well as a set of techniques to increase sexual pleasure.

The Tantra Secret sessions deal with the two most attractive aspects of Eastern philosophy in terms of sexuality:
– The de-genitalisation of Orgasm, or erotisation of the whole body.
– The multi-orgasmic capacity of the body, or the exercise of the psychological process of orgasm, in relation to the biological process of ejaculation.

At Tantra Secret we know that sensuality is a version of human capacity to communicate. We are convinced that our success lies in transmitting, in a simple and natural way, the pleasurable sensation of belonging to a healthy and committed team that feels confident in its work. Our team exudes the necessary harmony for a perfect eroticism, because only thus are we able to transmit it to others.
At Tantra Secret we customize each session in order to adapt it to those who visit us. We look after people from all cultures, genders and sexual orientation. Our staff is made up of excellent professionals who understand the rich diversity of human sexuality.
At Tantra Secret we take care of each moment and pamper the smallest details; we are friendly and tolerant with the differences of each and every person who entrusts their body, sensitivity, desire and secrets.
Freedom, creativity, hedonism, respect and tolerance are the fundamental values of our work.


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